Monday, April 10, 2006

Growing Old Gracefully

Psalms 90:17, "And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it."

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Each day we live, we grow a little older, wrinkles begin to show up more prominently, and grey hair becomes a truth. No matter how much we try with makeup, clothes, face-lifts or any of the many other ways to ‘look beautiful’, age will not escape us. Some just get around it better than others do!

The world tries to dictate how we should look. We are shown these beautiful, thin models in the magazines, or on television, modeling clothes that were only made to flatter the best of bodies. There are more of us with unstable flab that would look hideous in most of those fashions! Not too many people have a perfect size, and something looks a little different than it was supposed to on a different person. But, we still try and fit in some of those things, not because we want to, but because most fashions are geared at that perfect body. Lets admit it: most of us are way passed the 'wear anything' stage, with the bulging midriffs, the sagging arms, wrinkled hands, and legs laced with spider web veins!

While the world pines away to like those skinny models, those of us with the sense to know we could never look like those girls, will be doing the best with what we have. God gave each of a body with parts which wear out, a mind of which He wants to be the center, and a conscious to let us know when we are either ‘over the line’, or headed straight for the door. Life is not all about the beauty ‘without’, but the beauty ‘within’. When a person lives according to the dictates of the Word, and not the dictates of the world, their light will shine out to others – showing the greatest beauty of all! And, growing old will just be the ultimate culmination of life!

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Carol said...

I sometimes wonder if, back in the good old days when the elderly were actually esteemed for their wisdom, if they didn't still long for the vigor of youth.

As gravity's pull increases its effects, I find it an ever increasing challenge to shop for clothes. To mumu or not to mumu...

Beckie said...

Hi, I'm here on my first visit via's Carol's CoB. Wonderful post.

crickl said...

I'm so glad God sees our hearts as our beauty and not our shell! Thanks!


Barbara said...

Carol, you never fail to get a laugh out of me!

"To mumu or not to mumu" ..... hilarious! I haven't shrunk that far yet. I just like to make sure the blouses, sweaters, and jackets are extra long. And, being tall, I sometimes have a problem. Seems whomever makes clothes, or perhaps those that purchase for the stores, forget there are TALL people still - and we even have big feet. (grin)

Barbara said...

Beckie, thank goodness for Carol's site! So glad you came over and do it again.

Crickl, so many of us, including me, would probably be left out, if he looked at all the wrinkles! :) Thanks for coming!

Blair said...

LOL - oh my goodness Carol! Mumus are a riot!

Great post Barb! It's an excellent reminder that not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder - sometimes it's only skin deep too :o)

Barbara said...

Blair, you are right; 'skin deep' beauty is something that many do not realize until it's too late. I believe an honest, loving person can be 'beautiful' even without the beauty the world yearns for.