Saturday, April 15, 2006

Can You Say SCAM?

In order to get money to pay for their mounting bills, a Missouri couple came up with the idea they could have 'sextuplets'. Only thing missing was the woman's pregnancy.

Kris and Sarah Everson admitted they staged the pregnancy of multiple births in order to get money to pay bills. They were charged with stealing by deceit from workers, friends, and neighbors. They collected $3,500 from a local charity and from the place of business where Kris worked.

The Prosecutor said that the Midwest was very trusting, but I think the trust shown to this couple will be long in coming, if ever again.

The Examiner, a newspaper in Independence, printed the story after sitting on it for three weeks. They failed to get their own pictures of the babies who were supposed to have still been in the hospital. But, the story began to unravel after their report, since no area hospital had any multiple births as the Everson's had said. They finally had to confess it was all a hoax for money.

The couple is facing up to seven years in prison. Looks like their scam/hoax was a little flawed from the beginning. There are no babies, and, besides looking at years in prison still saddled with their debt, he is now out of a job.

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