Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Beauty of Rainy Days

I love rain! When I was young, I remember going out in the yard, playing, just to feel the raindrops on my face! Didn’t matter that I was getting drowned by the rain – just that it felt good to get wet!

My children used to go play in a ditch that runs through our yard, under the roadway,and down into the pasture, every time it rained. They knew the water would flow there for hours, and they enjoyed it immensely. Now, my grandchildren enjoy the same thing, when they are around. I can visualize those small bodies, running up and down the ditch, stopping only to throw the water on the other one, all the while, giggling, and falling down, getting up and going at it again. Brings back some cherished memories!

Rain also gives me a peace beyond measure. I can take a good book, lean back in my chair, put my feet up, and read forever! But, then, that doesn’t happen, since I also get sleepy, when it rains. I don’t know about the rest of you, but rain makes for a good sleep time. When the weatherman mentions rain, I say, “let it rain at night.” That brings back memories of staying at my grandparents’ home. They had tin on their roof, and it was a wonderful sound, to lay back and listen to the rain hitting the tin roof. I don’t have that luxury here in my own home, but I can hear it raining outside my bedroom windows, and it sounds so soothing!

God sent the rain to water the earth. But, I also believe He knew the rain would be satisfying to His people. It has a calming effect like none other. It sort of ‘washes away’ the dirt that has accumulated over time! And, now, I’m waiting on the next rain; might even go out and run in it!

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Desert Darlyn said...

Barbara, I am with you on the subject of rain. I so enjoyed your post about it! I have said to my husband that I wished we could have a tin roof when it rains. I have a sound machine and my favorite sound is rain. Guess that's cause I grew up in So. Cal. and now live in the desert of AZ. I never get enough of it! Cathee

Barbara said...

Cathee, my son had a tin roof put on his house a couple years ago, but has recently sold and building a new house. I haven't asked if he's having a tin roof on this one. I do love them, but don't think I'd get my husband to put on one, since there was one on his house when he was at home.

I have a friend who moved from CA to the desert in Arizona a year or so ago. He loves it, but I'm sure he misses his time in CA, as well.

Heather Ivester said...

I also love the sound of the rain. It's so nice to be outside with an umbrella watching the kids play in puddles. I especially enjoy the sound of rain on a tin roof -- it reminds me of the horse barn where I rode growing up. (sigh...)

eph2810 said...

Yes the sound of rain - I miss it much. We don't have much rain here in AZ.
I like your analogy about God washing away the dirt. Thank you again for stopping by Sting my Heart this morning - it means a lot to me.