Monday, April 17, 2006

Life's Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Carol at She Lives, so I must do my duty, to the best of my ability and give 10 simple pleasures in my life. Now, just how simple does she mean? :)

  1. comfortable chair
  2. thick socks
  3. buttered pecan ice cream
  4. a good book
  5. peppermint foot and leg lotion
  6. iced tea
  7. soft blanket
  8. milk and honey moisturing body wash
  9. applesauce
  10. hugs from my honey
So, there you go, and I will tag Cindy at Notes In The Key of Life, Susan at Sisters' WebLog, and Heather at Mom2MomConnection.

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Chaotic Mom said...

I just felt so RELAXED reading your list of simple pleasures! Now I'm envisioning a quiet time with ALL of the things on your list. ;)

Chaotic Mom said...

Oops, ALL of the things except for hugs from YOUR honey of course. Maybe substitute for hugs from my honey and boy, right? ;)

Barbara said...

I should have started with the body wash first. Then the rest could have followed. :)

But, you can have a hug from my honey - he hugs everybody, and I don't care. :)

Carol said...

Okay, somebody sounds spoiled to me! Y'gotta love those little indulgences!

Barbara said...

I'm not spoiled - just old enough to enjoy all those things without an interruptions. :)

Susan L. Prince said...

Thanks for the tag on this one. It was nice to sit there and be blessed by considering the simple things.