Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Google hosts ‘boy love’ site

World Net Daily interviewed marriage and family therapist intern, Stacy L. Harp, after she had tried to get Google to drop a site which promotes “boy love” sexual relationships, between men and adolescents. She had been contacted on her personal website, Writing Right, after a reader saw that she was writing about these kind of relationships. The person alerted her to the offending free weblog on Google’s blogspot.com.

Seems after Stacy reported the site,
“Paiderastia’ The Boy Love Revival, to Google, the site removed some of the offending messages. But, this site seems to be one for pedophiles, since it is talking constantly, about ‘coming out’ to the public, or a friend, or family member, as a pedophile. They seem to think their ‘code of ethics’ makes it okay to engage in relations with a young boy. One person writes about the ‘war at home’, and dreaming of one day ‘coming out as a boy lover.’

The Google site has this at the top of their page:

Pederasty, as idealized by the ancient Greeks, was a relationship and bond between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of HIS immediate family. This is modernized in today's culture as gender neutral by a relationship and bond between an adolescent child and an adult outside of their immediate family. In a wider sense this refers to erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults. Building Bridges!

Notice, it says, ‘in a wider sense this refers to erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults. And, they call it ‘Building Bridges’.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines erotic as

1. Of or concerning sexual love and desire; amatory.
2. Tending to arouse sexual desire.
3. Dominated by sexual love or desire.

U.S. Officials hunting pedophiles see web sites as these as low profile, since they aren’t explicit in details. But, Stacy Harp, who has recovered from child sexual abuse and spent the last 4 years as a therapist, thinks something should be done about them. We need more ‘Stacys’ out there, who are looking out for the welfare of all children!

"It plays into the normalization of it," she said. "The more you have it out there the more it's available for children to see. Children are easily influenced."
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Stacy has picked a great time to bring this to our attention, and try to raise the awareness of what child abuse does to a youngster unable to fend for oneself.

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Carol said...

Between them and the polygamists, I can't decide what will be the next form of depravity to be foisted upon us as "natural" and to which we will be expected to tolerate.

Sorry. Sometimes I just get all riled up.

Barbara said...

Well, the polygamists are more natural in their actions than the boy lovers, although they take on many wives, and some of them happen to be inbred, which isn't natural.

But, who would want to do either of these things is beyond me to comprehend! I think one is enough to please in a marriage. And, the other is so unnatural, it must take someone with lots of problems to even engage in such a thing.And, to think it's okay to give a child, who is innocent, the idea its' okay,and let him make up his mind is ludicrous.

And, it's alright for you to get riled up here! I do the same thing! I read some of this stuff on other blogs and want to scream! I read all the comments on that blog, and there is no way I could have commented like those brave people did!