Friday, April 28, 2006

I Am From

I am from wash boards, wash pots, well water, and cow’s milk. I am from Granny’s homemade bread, quilts, and rocking chairs. I am from the Singer sewing machine, the serger, needles and thread, sewing rooms and basement. I am from custom drapes, cornices, and all things beautiful.

I am from a small town, crooked country roads, railroad tracks, and farm land. I am from the coal miner, carpenter, cabinet builder, the seamstress, the lady, and my home. I am from the creek to the river, to the Dam, the tent, and fishing. I am from living.

I am from church, hymns, piano lessons on a Saturday afternoon, a quartet in the 90’s, and almost anywhere anytime. I’m from the old timers, the country songs, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Marty Robbins, Buddy Holly, “Blueberry Hill”, and Sunday afternoons.

I am from the tall and the short, the big and the small, the poor and the rich, and the blessed beyond measure. I am from the camera, the picture on the wall, the blonde hair, skinny legs, and green eyes. I am from the brothers, the friends, neighbors, and family. I am from the backyard to the front, the hills and hollows, moss on the hill, and burned bacon on the outside fire. I am from family reunions, anniversaries, birthday parties, and Christmas joy.

I am from “Don’t talk back”, and “I am bigger than you”. I am from “Don’t hit your brother”, “the hollow log”, “It’s okay to cry”, and “Be home on time.”

I am from Alabama to Indiana, to Texas, Alabama, to Tennessee, and from Alabama always. I am from the Jewelers, the Banks, and the clinic. I am from advertising, secretaries, trust and loan departments. I am from the Interstate to the country road and back again. I am from fishing, bowling, soccer fields, football fields, sprained ankles, broken hip, fishing pond, and scars.

I am from generations from England, to America, from the East to the West, North to the South. I am from heritages, Indians, English, German, Irish, and what God intended.

I am from life within and without, the loving, compassionate and kind. I am from the children, the parents, the dreams, the failures and the accomplishments. I am from loving, living, and enjoying life. I am from the Family Bible, the picture albums, and the mirror on the wall. I am from the Redeemer, the Almighty God, the Good Shepherd, and King.

Where are you from?

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Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Pleased to meet you! Really enjoy your site (or should I say "sight"). I will be visiting more.

deb said...

Barbara, I enjoyed your "I'm From." Very interesting. Great job!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Deborha and Deb! Do come back and I'll be by to visit you, as well.

Carol said...

This is what I wish my I Am From looked like. It's so salt-of-the-earth American. I loved it, Barb!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Carol. But, I got so wrapped up in yours, I've read it THREE times!