Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can You Tell I'm A Football Fan?

And, having a grandson who plays even makes it much better. But, he's still in High School. Will have to wait another year or so to see where he lands.

Right now, I am happy to hear that one of my favorite quarterbacks will be playing next year. It was in doubt last season if he would be back. Yes, Brett Favre, of the Green Bay Packers, will be leading them again this next season. His fellow-Green Bay Packer and icon, Bart Starr, thinks that Favre has a few more good years, but it would be up to him and his family whether he plays beyond this next season. Barring any injuries, I hope he does play as long as possible. Bart Starr was also one of my favorites (does that make me old?). He happened to be at my high school, coaching for one semester. And, I know that really make me old! But, that also makes him older. :)

Back to Favre and his decision making:

Sherman applauded Favre for his deliberate decision making.

"I'm sure his intent was to validate to himself that by coming back he was doing the right thing for himself, his family, the Packers and the fans," Sherman said in comments distributed by the Texans. "I'm sure he wanted to make with total certainty a commitment to the team physically, mentally, and emotionally. How can you question that process?"

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Carol said...

This is NFL Draft weekend. Will you be watching?

Barbara said...

Probably off and on, if I'm at home. There are a few AL players that we would like to know what happens to them, or if they continue to play football.