Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snow Has Arrived At The White House

And, already, the Snow is being dirtied up. What else can you expect from those who are against any and all things coming from the White House, whether they are for or against any of them? They think they can get more mileage, if they lambast the President, or anyone he has chosen to nominate for a position on his staff. Thus, comes the thrashing of Snow, a conservative, but one who has, at times, not been so congenial to all that the President has stood for.

As Howard Kurtz says in his post, ‘Welcome to the White House, dude’. Until he takes the podium in front of all those journalists waiting to hit him with the multitude of questions, especially about his not being so ‘nice’ to the President in some of his comments, we will not know how Snow will fair. But, I am not worried. I actually think perhaps he can put them in their place, something McClellan never seemed to be able to do. Yesterday, when the President announced his decision, Snow spoke, and he seemed so at ease in front of the Press.

Snow has a way of smiling and being so convincing, while telling you how bad you look. (analogy – since I have never known of him addressing that particular subject). In other words, I think he will make it just fine among those of which he has been a part. He’s had experience on both sides of the fence and this experience should make him able to succeed where others might have failed – to re-adjust the scales and make them tip towards the President. If so, he will be the most welcomed SNOW of the century!

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The MaryHunter said...

I'm looking forward to Snow's freshness and his "hand." Funny, in all the media buzz and articles, I haven't yet seen anyone refer to the penultimate Bush Press Sec, Ari Fleischer, who in my book was one of the best in modern memory. Tony will dominate the press corps with his charm and aplomb, though, and the press know it. That's why they're less than flattering at this stage.

Barbara said...

Oh, I loved Ari, too, and hated to see him go. He's been on TV a couple times the last couple days. But, his name hasn't really been mentioned in the news. I did read about him in one of the blogs when I was writing this article. McClellan could not live up to him. But, I think Tony is going to do a wonderful job! He knows the President, and the President understands that Tony tells it like it is, and he still took him in. I do hope they live up to their bargain of him being an insider, as well, and have say on things. If not, it would be a shame that he took a BIG pay decrease in order to take this job - for more stress! We'll just have to pray that this works out, and he's not under the stress that the job can put on a man.