Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Global Deception: The UN's Stealth Assault on America's Freedom

Book Revew:

Joseph A. Klein, author of “Global Deception", has written a wake up call to all Americans! This book will open your eyes to the real threat the United Nations is toward the United States.

With the help of some of our own people, the UN and the globalists are pushing toward neutralizing any powers the United States has in the world community.

This book has opened my eyes to things I was aware of, but of which I had no true knowledge as to the harm that was coming to the United States, if these things came into existence. The freedoms that we now possess in the USA are under attack by those of the globalist community who are out to take down the US and our power in the world. What the US stands for will be over-looked for a “globalization with a human face” – being pushed by none other than French President Jacques Chirac. He is also pushing for global taxes to ‘finance human development’, but will the money ever get into the hands of the countries really needing the aid? Not with all the corruption that is now within the United Nations!

In reading this book, you will discover how many NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) are behind the UN proposals, the pushing for the one-world government, and the corruption within the United Nations. Any of these organizations are headed by well-trained, well-educated people from the US, who have their own agenda to push before the UN. Some of those people even want to bring down the US!

As Klein says:

“ They are a highly co-ordinated, international network of activist influence peddlers, largely peddling on behalf of “progressive” – read left-wing causes."

We have extremist judges that would like none other than to re-write the Constitution to meet their own interpretations. They believe they are not bound by what our “Founding Fathers” so meticulously put together in order to protect the very freedoms that are now seemingly being taken away from us.

At the 1966 Istanbul Conference, the-then director general of the World Health Organization reportedly told a press conference that “the three great monotheistic religions are not compatible with the New World Order.”

Klein writes, “Evidently God is not a globalist.”

Despite how the UN has mis-managed or how corrupt they have become, we are still to believe, by some standards, or according to globalists, that they are still capable of overseeing world affairs – that they are sort of “Housekeeping”. So, there is no way that the US can bow out of the UN. Instead, as Klein says, the US needs to stay in and use our Security Council Veto and our financial source. Let those countries with grievances have a place to blow off steam – and maybe we can keep the UN from exercising any real powers which would be at odds with the US’s national sovereignty.

Look around you: we have liberal judges today who have begun to search out the ‘international norms’ for a case before them, rather than to rely on our on Constitution! Thomas Jefferson once warned that this would happen, if the courts were not controlled. And, today, it is coming true!

I highly recommend this book for learning more about what is really going on within the United Nations, and within our own boundaries with those globalists who would like for the US to be brought under a One World Order.

The publisher, World Ahead Publishing Company, gave this book to me through Mind And Media, for review. I have been given no other amenities for the privilege of reading this fine book.

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