Friday, March 24, 2006

Minister's Wife Charged With His Murder

Often, we think we may really know someone, and, then, something happens to let us know we didn't know that person as well as we thought. This happened in the little town of Selmer, TN.

The 31 year old pastor of the 200 member Church of Christ in Selmer was found murdered in his home on Wednesday evening. His wife and 3 young daughters were missing. They were later found in Orange Beach, AL. They were detained, and the wife later admitted she murdered her husband, but no details of the reason was given, although the police know the motive.

The people who knew the couple in both this church and the last church where the husband was youth pastor were shocked to hear the news. They all loved the pastor's family. They say they seemed to be a very loving couple, very likeable, and no problems between them.

People often do not show outwardly things that are going on in their home life. We never know how they may be struggling with issues that we would never dare think they had. From all outwardly appearances, nothing seemed to be wrong in this marriage. She was by her husband's side all the time. She was a substitute teacher at the Selmer Elementary. And, she and her husband had been married for ten years, after meeting at college. But, something definitely happened to cause her to murder her husband.

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