Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Be Selective With Hand Sanitizers

It seems that not all hand sanitizers work to make your hands safe from germs. The new gel and foam sanitizers have become a hit with even the general public, not to say anything about the hospitals and restaurants and department stores. Almost all you go in now days are either using foam, or have the gel sitting on the counter in the wash rooms.

But, picking up just any sanitizer on the shelf is not advisable, according to a test from East Tennessee State University. It was found that a gel found on your local store shelf did not cleanse your hands; if anything, it just spread the germs over your hands, when you used it. The problem seems to be in the concentration of alcohol in any gel or foam. It was found from the tests, that anything under 60% alcohol does not work.

It is always recommended you wash your hands with soap and water, especially with matter on them. But, if they appear to be clean, and you need a quick sanitizer, then be sure to choose one with at least 60% concentration of alcohol. These are good to use in the car to clean hands after sneezing, or to change your contacts. Also, I like to use them before eating in a restaurant, if you don't stop by the restroom on the way in.

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