Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How Faithful Are We To The Gospel?

A survey shows that baby boomers, according to Barna, have surpassed the born-again Christians, with a total of 53% versus 48% for the adults of older generations.

Born-again Christians are those that have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, believe they are going to Heaven when they die, because they have confessed their sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

There are Four Spiritual Laws which govern your relationship with God.

But, have we accepted Him as Lord of our lives? Is He the master, the one to whom we turn, when we have problems? Or, do we seek out someone else to try and help us get over them?

Do we place our full trust in Him? Do we really believe we are ‘heirs according to the promise’, and ‘joint-heirs with Christ’?

Romans 14:23 says “for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” We have Christian liberty, but not to the expense of others. We should never offend others with our ways. And, we should never go against our doubting conscience. When in doubt, we should look to the Lord for guidance. But, how many times has this human flesh played a part in what we usually end up doing?

We need to search within ourselves and know, without a doubt, that we belong to Jesus Christ, and are bound for eternal life with Him. Do we believe completely in HIS Gospel, and not man-made doctrines? Do we believe in the Virgin birth, the crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus?

Does He reign and rule in your life? Do you have a truly personal relationship with Him? You have this through communication with Him, and daily praying and reading His Word. Too many times, we become complacent, and let the tricks of the devil get in the way of our truly knowing Christ as the Lord of our lives.

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