Saturday, March 25, 2006

Red Cross Fires Administrators In New Orleans

There have been reports that certain administrators have not been doing their job - that is, 'following the rules' set by the Red Cross, in the Katrina relief operations. So, after months of investigation by two volunteers assigned by Red Cross, they urged the removal of two supervisors. One is Mr. Patrick Keena.

Mr. Keena has been affilated with the Red Cross for 25 years. He told others he was leaving because of a medical emergency. But, in reality, he was fired by the Red Cross. He was the senior official in charge of the organization's food and shelter operations in the disaster area.

The identity of the other supervisor was not told. But, Jill Paul said yesterday she had elected to leave the organization. She was in charge of kitchens were meals were prepared for delivery. It's been found that she had ordered 1500 meals for Bywater, a New Orleans neighborhood. But, upon investigation in the area, it was found only 500 meals were needed. And, nobody knows where the other 1000 meals were used.

The interim president of the Red Cross, John F. McGuire, acknowledged this week that the organization was investigating accusations that relief supplies had been improperly diverted and that procedures for tracking inventory had been ignored.

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Rosemary said...

Great report. I do not donate any money to the Red Cross since the fiasco over the Twin Towers monies.

It sure is a shame, isn't it? We do not have one organization we can trust, except the USA Military!

Maybe we should go back to the Constitution and just do what we elect them to do?! Hmm...

Carol said...

And we are surprised about this because...?

Twin Towers episode did it for me, too. There are many other ways to help.