Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch Where You Step!

That's a fair warning. This wasn't heeded by teenager Larry Mugrage in Ohio, and it cost him his life. It was a tragic death that never should happened.

66 year old Charles Martin was very protective about his 'manicured lawn'. I heard on television today that he would often go out and check and cut several times a day - that he would measure and have it all cut precisely the same length. And,he claimed to be harrassed by this boy and his family for 5 years.

Today, because of his obsession with his lawn, a young man is dead, and Martin is in jail for killing the teenager. It was something that never should have happened. But, Mugrage had apparently walked across his lawn once already that day, and Martin was waiting for him, when he returned. Someone should have seen this coming before now and done something about it. But, Martin has no criminal background, and seemed to be a nice man, just obssessed with his lawn.