Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mad Cow Case Found On Alabama Farm

A veternarian examined a downed cow on a farm in Alabama. It was thought to have mad cow disease. The private veternarian euthanized the animal and then sent samples to the University of Alabama for testing. Other tests were made in Iowa to confirm the diagnosis and the results were announced on Monday.

The cow was about 10 years old, so it was born before the ban on ground cattle being added to cattle feed in 1997. It was found on a farm with around 40 head of cattle. A local radio station commentator said they had discovered it was on a farm in Lawrence County, but he would not release the name of the city or the farmer, because it would not be right to expose him to all the media that would flock there.

This is the third case of mad cow disease found in the United States. The first one was in Washington, with the cow coming from Canada. The second was on a ranch in Texas. When this disease is found, the cows are destroyed, and the meat never enters the market. But, it still scares people, and they are afraid to eat the meat for awhile.

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