Sunday, March 05, 2006

Marriage Bliss

I attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary of a friend I have known all my life this afternoon. Her husband is a minister. To see a couple so happy, and still in love, after 50 years of ups and downs warms your heart!

You could tell the couple has meant something to the community in which they live because of the large turn out. I saw people I have not seen in years, since some had moved off and we don't keep in touch anymore. And, then, I haven't lived in that community for almost 42 years myself. But, I grew up with this lady's family, attended church with her, until she married, and finished school with one of her sisters.

I have seen the life this couple has lived throughout the years. They have lived for God throughout their marriage. They have truly put Him first in their lives. And, I believe this is why they do truly still love one another, and said their vows today again, to follow the Lord in His purpose for their marriage, and to love one another until God calls one or the other home.

I scanned the room and saw several couples who have been married 50 years or more. But, then, there were more couples who never made it to 50 with a spouse; some of them had spouses who passed away young, or perhaps were married more than once, and will never enjoy that 50th. I pray that my husband and I will make it to our 50th, since we will be celebrating 42 years this year.

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