Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Addressing Rudeness: A Lack Of Etiquette

I often check out what Carol at SHE LIVES has to say. It’s usually something satisfying to the spiritual palette, good for the soul, or just so good, you can’t help but love it. Well, today, I ran across her post about Google, and all the searches that brought her to her own site. One stuck out to me – SHE IS RUDE – so, I had to try that one out. Guess what! It took me to SHE LIVES, just like Carol said it did.

So, I check out She Is Rude. I don’t, for one moment, think that Carol is rude. Well, I only know her through her blog, and some emails, or comments on my blog. But, she never has struck me as a rude person. She’s too ‘into Jesus’ to be very rude. But, I think I do understand where she is coming from, because we probably all have been a little rude, at time. It may come out as ill-mannered, or discourteous. Or, perhaps, we aren’t very tactful, when speaking to others.

Common courtesies should be just that:common. But, today, most of those are lost in society. Opening doors for your date/spouse is hardly even seen in public. Once, a friend of ours commented on my husband, the way he would open the door for me at the car and let me in first. But, then, he was brought up in the era when we were taught those things – opening doors for others, giving your seat to someone older, and being kind in your speech to others. There was also manners – yes, ma’am, no, ma’am, thank you, please. It thrills me to hear a child/youth/teenager say ‘thank you’ without being prompted. It excites me more to hear one of those address an elderly person correctly. I see young children come into my beautician’s shop, and rather than calling her by her first name as most patrons do, they will say “Miss Mary”. You can tell those children have been taught manners. Had my children talked to people the way I see some addressing their elders, or even their parents, their hide would have taken awhile to get well! To me, that is the worse kind of rudeness!

Another pet peeve – a major rudeness, in my opinion – is the fact so many people think ‘self, me’ ..........before they ever consider the other person. A person with the ‘it’s all about me’ attitude has a rude awakening coming – there’s that word again – rude!

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Nathan Bradfield said...

You know, everyone is tuned into WII FM (What's In It For Me) station. Nice post.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Nathan. Yes, at times, I suppose we are all guilty. But, I really mean people who never ever give the other person a thought - not even their spouse.

A friend was telling me the other day about how different her husband and bro/i/law are. Her husband is a very thoughtful person (and he is), and his brother thinks his wife needs to do everything for him - and he hardly ever reciprocates. But, sometimes, the spouse will put up with these sort of things just to keep peace in the family, and I think it's wrong to have to live that way.

I laugh at this now: my husband has always opened doors for me. But, as I get older, it doesn't bother me to open them for myself, even holding it open for him, sometimes. But, I catch myself, at times, waiting for him to open it,just by habit, even though I might get to the door long before he does. :)

Carol said...

I guess this means I'll have to be on my best behavior over here at your site from now on, Barb!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found value in the post.

Barbara said...

Carol, you're always on good behavior! :) My place is open to you anytime! Besides, I love your writings! You have so much to say, and such ways of saying it.