Monday, March 27, 2006

The Appeal Of A Blog

Each of us, with a blog, wants to reach out on the Web in a way that it brings readers to our site. It doesn’t matter whether we are a Christian blog, politics, secular, a mixture, or just enjoy writing about our everyday adventures.

Carol, at She Lives, was writing about having an outreach blog. She wondered aloud at what others might find on her blog, when they did a google search. Being a blogger, I have often wondered how people would find me, and, when they did, what would be their interpretation of my blog intentions.

You see, I didn’t start out with the intention of having a blog that just reached out to Christians. I wanted a blog in which I could give my views on different things, but also show that I was a Christian. I do not express myself in the ways in which Carol does. She has so many different things to draw upon. But, I write about the news, my views, and things in my life, from day to day.

When I go searching for blogs to read, I have in my mind just the sort that appeals to me. A few theology blogs appeal to me, but only those with a personal touch which just reaches out and ‘grabs’ you. I really like those Christian blogs which put the character of the blogger into them – another appeal of Carol’s SHE LIVES blog. It’s though she just reaches out and pulls you into her circle. The first time I ran across her blog, I fell in love with the blue bonnets she used as her the background to her picture. Just a lovely setting!

There are so many great bloggers out there, both men and women, and I enjoy lots of them. And, then there are lots of big blogs out there that get thousands of hits that do not appeal to me in the least. I wonder how they are getting thousands of hits, and mine stays in the hundreds. But, then, different things appeal to different kinds of people. It’s not necessarily ’what is good for the goose is good for the gander’ mentality, when it comes to appealing blogs. When a blog article really touches me, I often put them on my list and go back from time to time and read more. Sometimes, it means I will take them off, because I find perhaps it was only that one post that was appealing – not the personality that draws me in. Hopefully, when people come to my blog, they will see something here that ‘draws them in’, and they will keep coming back. Only time will tell!

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Carol said...

I'm totally humbled here. Uh... Hard to know what to say.

One of the appeals of your blog, Barbara, is that your posts look at current events through a Christian worldview. Not many of us have the guts to do that - I'm not sure I do. It makes me think about what the world must look like through Christ's eyes, even though that's a concept of which my limited thinking can only scratch the surface.

I think we should always be mindful of what, why and for whom we blog. It's too easy to slip into a state of apathetic lethargy otherwise. Yes, I've done that. It weren't pretty.

Barbara said...

Carol, I think God gives to each of us our 'way with words'. You may not be able to post on current events like I do, but you reach out to people in ways that lots of us can never do. I always know I'm in for reading a good post, when I visit your blog!

There are so many things I would like to blog about, but there is so much controversy on some things, that I feel it's best not to go that route. And, sometimes, it's the lack of the ability to come up with the right words on a topic.

I know we have to be accountable for what we write. My mind goes wild with ideas, at times. Then, I wonder what others might think of what I write, so I disperse with those ideas! I try to be a 'safe' blogger. :) And, that doesn't always work.

violet said...

Barbara, I came here through the Carnival. The first thing I noticed about your blog is the beautiful banner graphic!

Like you, I try out an eclectic mix of blogs - and choose the ones I return to for a variety of reasons! I use Bloglines to sample a blog privately for a while so I can decide whether or not I want to add it my sidebar.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Violet. I was not pleased with the one I was using on blogger, so I found me another one. I actually have been trying to work on one with 2 sidebars, but haven't gotten it to work properly in all the main browsers. Works in Firefox; doesn't work in IE.Works in IE; doesn't work in Firefox - so I have set it aside for awhile. I need more space, reviewing books.

I usually bookmark the blogs I like in Firefox. I've also taken a few out, after going back and finding they aren't as interesting as I first thought.