Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take The TourBus...

The Internet Tourbus, that is, with Bob Rankin and Pat Crispen - they have some of the best advice around! They have the scoop on almost anything you want to know about the Web, or the how-to's, or in and outs of computing.

You can subcribe to The Internet Tourbus newletter and receive it in your email box regularly. It was originally at, but somehow, it got removed completely from the Google search, and hits started falling. So, they decided it was time for a new name, a spruced up Web site, and new beginning. So, now, you have The Internet Tourbus, with a different URL, but the same great things we've received for years.

As Rankin and Crispen say, "Why Surf When You Can Ride The Bus?".

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