Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eminent Domain - Stealing Made Legal?

Those of us who have property or homes have paid dearly for them. We've maintained them as we should, building up for our future. We, personally, bought our property and built our own home, hoping to live here until we die. Hopefully, since we live in the country, this will be the case, but you never know what the government has up their sleeve!

Government, through eminent domain, has made it easy for the taking of private lands and homes to give to other people to build on, in order to put money in their pockets, and the pockets of the local governments.

After the ruling, Alabama legislature passed a statue, prohibiting such actions in Alabama. But, some legislators, including Gov. Riley, believe there needs to be a state constitutional amendment.

After all, what the Legislature giveth, the Legislature can taketh away.
In poll after poll, the institute said, Americans don't want homes or other private property taken for private developments. In some cases, the public opposes all condemnation, including, apparently, eminent domain exercised for public use - for things such as highways, parks and government buildings.

The Kentucky state Senate has passed a bill that would protect property owners from the state's rights to eminent domain.

So far, Alabama, Delaware, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas are the only states that have enacted limits to eminent domain in the wake of the court's decision.
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