Saturday, August 26, 2006

En Fuego Ministries presents free concert to spread Christianity

En Fuego in Spanish means " on fire". Travis Crim, former University of Alabama football player and former youth minister at a church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, felt the call to minister to young people through an outside concert after attending one in Cottondale years ago. He contacted his high school friend, Johnny Giles, and the two started En Fuego Ministries. And, so the ministry was born, and the Christian Rock Concerts started being held in a pasture in Verbena, AL, a small town near Clanton. The concert is being held there again today.

The first concert was attended by about 300; next year, about 550 attended. Last year, the crowd was estimated to be around 10,000 to 12,000 people. And, it's expected to be even larger this year, perhaps as many as 20,000. The concert is free to all, but it does cost money, which is paid by donations, sponorships, and love offering.

Marketing has been big leading up to this year’s event, and with sponsorship from Birmingham’s 93.7 WDJC radio station, the word is getting out. A spokeswoman for the event said they are trying to make the event not just a statewide attraction but also draw from Mississippi and Georgia.

People are coming from as far away as Atlanta, Mauri Yarber and her husband are bringing their two daughters and some teenage girls. She said her cousin took a group of teenagers last year, and the cousin started spreading the word. Mauri says it is very impressive when someone living in Atlanta, with lots to do, will go all the way to a pasture in Alabama for this. Yarber's daughter, who turns 14 this year, wanted a different way to spend her birthday. She think is the way to go, and expects to have fun, hear great music, and worship God with her friends.

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Anonymous said...

I brought a group of teens from the Nashville Tn area, We had an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!
is there a site people are sharing pics from the 06 event that you are aware of?


Barbara said...

Larry, I don't know of any. Try googling for them. Surely, someone will have some photographs to share soon.