Monday, August 28, 2006

Inspiration for my Blog Name

I was checking out the blogs tonight that I normally read. Cindy Swanson had a post called "What inspired your blog name?" Seems Barb from "A Chelsea Morning" had written about what inspired her to start her blog, and was interested in how others got the title for their blog name. So here I am.

I had never even thought of writing a blog until my son began a couple. He's a computer programmer, and his blog really didn't interest me, since I don't understand a thing he writes about. But, he suggested I start one. So, we talked about different names, something that would give me a chance to write about things that did interest me, like my family, the Bible, spiritual things, or just about news, in general. It didn't take long for Tidbits And Treasures to pop in my head! He thought the title sounded like me, so I went with it, adding the scripture "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also," from Matthew 6:21.

I often see those 'catchy names' and wonder if I could have chosen a better one. Seems those with their names attached seem to get more traffic, or perhaps they are just better writers. (smiles)

Why not join in the fun, write a post about how you chose the name for your blog, and go to Barb's site and link it to hers.

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Susanne said...

Love the name of your blog!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Susanne. I guess I'm going to keep it. :)

Jennifer said...

I like your name, as well. I do think it's catchy, and since it describes you so well, that's perfect.

Barb said...

I certainly wouldn't change the name. I love it and I especially love the quote from Matthew that inspired it. By the way, I like your first name a lot too!

~Barbara Ann (Barb)

You cracked me up when you admitted you don't read your son's blogs because you can't understand a thing he says. Boy do I ever understand that! :-)

Brenda said...

Oh yes, you should definitely keep the name. I think it's catchy, and I love the scripture reference. You chose well!

Barbara said...

Thanks to you all! You do know how to make a person feel good. The title was, I guess, an impulse thing, and you know how sometimes you wished you had waited to do something. But, it has served me well, it is all over the blogosphere, and I guess I'm stuck with it. :)

Marie said...

I came up with "Things We Said Today" from the Beatles song. I had often thought it would be a good name for a blog, although I was not a blogger when I first thought of it. I wanted to have it playing when people opened my page up; but my son and my husband said, no, people don't like that; they may be at work or what have you.

I like it for my blog because when I sit down to post I ask myself, what did I do today? or what did I think about today? And that's what I write about.

FamilyMan said...

I just started my blog. I'm finding that there are a lot of inspired writers on the internet. Your blog name fits the verse well.