Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Christians Don't Vote For Democrats

Book Review:
Why Christians Don’t Vote for Democrats
Author: Richard Miller
Xulon Press
ISDN 1-59781-747-3

”Secular Democrats who are prejudiced against Christians advocate, support, and vote into law various forms of religious discrimination harmful to Christian America. Not all Democrats, not all secular Democrats, are prejudiced against religion”. – page 18

Author Richard Miller has made a good case for why Christians should not vote for secular Democrats. As he said above, not all Democrats believe the same way, just as all Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc., do not think the same way. And, they do not all vote the same way. I would venture to say if you had ten of each in a room together, there would be divisions among them all, with some going across party lines.

Within 91 pages, the author has packed some great information regarding the reasons he believes Christians should not vote for Democrats. Each of us Christians should make it our priority to get the facts on all candidates who are running for office. I’ve often heard the expression ‘if they quack like a duck, they are a duck’ --- if they claim to be a Christian, they are a Christian (or whatever one claims to be). But, saying one is a Christian and adhering to Christian values are two entirely different things. Many candidates will offer themselves up as a ‘Christian candidate’, mostly to get votes from the naive Christians, when, in reality, they ‘go to church’, but do not live the Christian life or adhere to all the beliefs of scripture. I have to be fair; there are candidates on all sides who do this. So, it is very important that we all make use of all the information we can obtain to make the right choice when we go to vote.

”Political freedom of speech is the inalienable right of every citizen or group of citizens in a healthy democracy.” – page 37

The freedoms of Christians are quickly being denied. One of those that is being taken away is the right of a pastor/minister/layman to speak freely from the pulpit to the parishioners about the candidates. This is putting a muzzle on ‘freedom of speech’, which is our right, and the Democrats are behind the effort to stop all churches who are tax-exempt from expressing anything political from within the church.

Richard Miller has tried, throughout his book, to encourage and show us how to be good stewards of our citizenship. If we study each candidate, learn his or her beliefs and behaviors (not just what they say in front of a crowd), then we can make an intelligent decision of which the best candidate will be for the job for which he or she is running. If we fail to make ourselves completely aware of what each candidate is about, and still vote, then we are doing ourselves, and our fellow Christians a disservice. And, when and if the wrong candidate gets in office, and Christianity is pushed farther to the back burner, and we finally lose our ‘voice’, we only have our unpreparedness to blame.

I recommend this book for reading, although it may take several reads to get the full impact of what the author is saying. Thirteen chapters are packed full of information, some of which I wish could have been expounded upon. But, he gives you enough ‘ammunition’ to get you started on the right track of picking the most deserving candidate in the next election. I give the book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Richard Miller is a married man, and empty nester. He is the father of three daughters, two of whom are Democrats and the other a Republican. He attended Bethany Bible College and the University of the Rockies, where he received a BA degree in ministry.

My name is Barbara Sanders, homemaker, mother of two, and grandmother of five, from Alabama, book reviewer for Active Christian Media.

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Pete Michaels said...

One question; Why do you support George W. Bush?

FYI; I consider myself a liberal democrat AND believe in God. George W. Bush has used the Christian right for nefarious purposes and it's really sad that a lot cannot see him for what he is.

Barbara said...

This is not a post about who I support for President. It's a book review of the author's book.

aura said...

Why do Christians support the Zionists, who hate Christ and deny His teaching? Look at the carnage they have wrought on Lebanon and the ongoing slaughter and concentration camp they have created in Gaza. It looks like they will soon be facing war crimes. What a nightmare they are and DO NOT deserve support from the Christian community. Christians support Zio-nazis at their own spiritual peril.

Beware of the Zionist, a blight on Judaism -

Laura Linger said...

No, Barbara, Democrats don't want to discriminate against Christians. We want to stop Christians from discriminating against the rest of this country and doing so in the name of Jesus Christ.

Not everyone thinks like you do.

Not everyone believes in what you believe in.

Not everyone thinks that A Man In The Sky created mankind.

Not everyone thinks that taxpayers should have to fund religious dogma in public school science classrooms.

Not everyone believes that line of utter crap that "babies are murdered" in stem cell research. No more so than when one of these "Good Christians" play God with IVF procedures; those bring about embryo demise...did you know that?

Not everyone believes that "God Bless America" should be sung at the seventh-inning stretch at Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games! Which God? Whose God? My God? Your God? How about my husband, who is an atheist? Where does he fit in?

Are you starting to see how specious that book's arguments are? It's not about discrimination against Christians. It's about telling Christians that they do not have the the Constitution or anywhere ride roughshod over others by forcing their beliefs down the throats of those of us who do not think, preach, believe, and do exactly the way that you and yours do.

As for the so-called Christian vote: don't worry about the Democrats. We don't need your vote. You fundamentalist types have done more for our side of things than you could possibly ever realize.

Barbara said...

Laura, apparently you don't know what a BOOK REVIEW is - it's NOT my views, but the views of the author. You seem to have a problem understanding that, along with some others.