Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen things that bother me

  1. Having a new hairdo, and then it rains on you!
  2. Doing a load of wash, putting it in the dryer, only to find out someone has left an ink pen or chewing gum in a pocket.
  3. Picking up dry cleaning, only to find they didn't really clean an item of clothing. (once, there was white icing on a black suit, and they didn't even get it off the jacket - they had to redo it)
  4. Buying a tube of lipstick, leaving it in a hot car, and finding it has melted.When opened, it broke!
  5. Wanting to listen to talk radio, and someone else wants to listen to music - in my car!
  6. A talk radio show host who argues with the callers, and hangs up on them.
  7. Losing one of a matching pair of earrings that my husband gave me for my birthday. My fault; I did not get them closed good, and one came out while I was shopping.
  8. Having lost most all my jewelry, including our class rings, and all our cameras in a burglarly.
  9. Not being able to go on a vacation.
  10. Waking up during the night, and then being unable to go back to sleep, when my husband is snoring. :)
  11. Music that is too loud!
  12. The drag strip which is across the river from us and you can hear the racing noise throughout Friday and Saturday nights, even in our house!
  13. There is never enough time in a day for the things I want to do - like get this Friday Thirteen's entry out on time!

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kristarella said...

Definitely not enough time in the day! I still have to eat lunch (it's 4:20pm!) do the dishes go over a bible study for this evening and watch part of a dvd so I can give it back to the owner!

I guess I should get off the computer...

Kailani said...

I agree, there is never enough hours in a day to do everything I want. Maybe I should not spend so much time on the computer. Happy T13 and thanks for stopping by!

Pass The Torch said...

I can relate to those;) Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Raggedy said...

2,3,9,and 10 would be on a list for me too.
Good list..
My TT is up

Margaret said...

Arrrggghh! The laundry and the pen. Arrrrrgghhh! That's a #1 bother for sure. Great list.


Mama Kelly said...

my hubby's snoring used to drive me crazy ... 12 years of marriage later he usually only sleeps on his side and I don't have to smother him with a pillow

Barbara said...

Mama Kelly, it's 42 years for us, and I think he snores more now than ever. Don't remember him snoring when we were younger. But, he was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago,went on singular, and he quit snoring for a long time, but it's started up again.Doesn't matter - on back, side,or whatever, he snores most of the time. He says wake him up, but I can poke only so much at night, when he has to get up at 4 or so! He'd never go back to sleep.If it gets too bad, I just go to another bed. :)

cdorsey said...

Great list. I hate most of those things as well!


Lady Jane said...

No, there are never enough hours! Perhaps we should try to stop time! :) I could use more time for reading!

deb said...

It really bothers me to lose an earring. I just lost a neat pair I bought in Arizona last summer on our 25th anniv trip. They were special. I kept asking at Lost and Found at the Conference we just attended, but they never showed up. Boo hoo.

Janet ( said...

All of those things would bother me too! Sorry I'm so late commenting!