Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 85th Birthday, John Glenn

Astronaut and former US Senator John Glenn, Jr., is 85 today.

Joe Hallett, of the Columbus Dispatch has a great write up on Glenn. Also, NASA has a great biographical page on him.

The Cincinnati Post article says that both Glenn and his wife, Annie, appear to have "found the formula to make time stand still". The occasion was at the Ohio University where he appeared for an interview.

The occasion was an interview of Senator Glenn for a program in the series "Moments That Changed Us," which I produce for American Life TV cable channel. It was my intention to focus on February 20th, 1962, when John Glenn blasted off - that's what we called it then - and rode Friendship 7 into Earth orbit, the first American to do so.
Update: Cindy Swanson met John Glenn when she was in elementary school. Go read her 'The Debt I owe John Glenn' post.

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