Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blog posts worth your time today

I often surf blogs when I'm sitting in front of my computer, which is quite often! Today was no exception. And, I've found some interesting things to read. One of those comes from surfing over at Crazy Politico's Rantings. So, if you want to read something that will make you think, and make you look differently at our military, and perhaps bring a tear to your eye, as you read through the long article, stop and read the following:

  • American Thinker posts an article from Major Gen. Mike Lenhert, commander of Marines Corps Base (West)
Other posts of interest today are:
  • The Caretaker's take on WorldNetDaily's article "Another Court squashes parental rights"

  • Insight On Freedom's post - Send US Forces to join Israel

  • Join Tim over at Challies dot com for his article on "What's Dead Looks Dead". I've read the article and all the comments, and decided against making a comment myself. You might be a little more brave!

  • Jay Adkin's post of "Life is Precious" - a very touching post! You might want to leave him a note of encouragement.

  • Neil's Notes- "Anointer or Embalmer?" This one will get you to thinking!

  • Treasure in Clay Jars- "Pride ... Our Prison Guard" - be sure to read the comments!
There are so many more great posts out there today, but I figured these would keep you going for awhile. If you are like me, one of these posts will have you strike out to other posts, and so on and on. Have fun!

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Crazy Politico said...

Thanks for the linky love! I appreciate it.

Barbara said...

You are welcome! And, thanks for your post sending me to read the other one. Hope others find it worth reading.

twiga92 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My mom and dad came back to the States shortly after her surgery and she was able to get physical therapy. They are now back in Ghana and she is doing very well.

Barbara said...

Twiga92, Glad your Mom got her needed physical therapy and is doing well. I have an older friend (around 80) who fell at her kitchen table about 6 weeks ago and broke her hip. Hopefully, she's going to do okay, too.