Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Art Linkletter

Linkletter turns 94 on Monday and is still going strong. People want to know how he does it. He explains that lifestyle accounts for 70% and genes for the other 30%. He's never smoked, doesn't drink (never has), gets plenty of exercise and rest. He doesn't eat red meat, and favors chicken and fish. And, he looks 20 years younger than his age.

Linkletter also credits his wife, Lois, for most of his vigor and longevity. He says they have a good marriage, which takes away lots of the stress. They've been married 70 years.

He takes about 4 cruises a year. And, he will publish his 28th book on his birthday, entitled "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life."

The future television star was born in the Saskatchewan hamlet of Moose Jaw in 1912 to a couple who gave him the name Gordon Arthur Kelly and promptly gave him away. He got a new name from his adoptive parents, a middle-aged couple named John and Mary Linkletter. They were a peripatetic pair who had come from Prince Edward Island and continued on the move to Lowell, Mass., then Point Fermin, Calif., finally landing in San Diego.
We used to watch Art Linkletter every time he was on television. He was asked what he thought of television today, and he stated he didn't think too much of it. He says the commercials are too long, and he has one pet peeve of mine - he hates for a newscaster to come on with a 'scoop', and it never appears until the end of the newscast! Glad to see someone famous agrees with me!

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