Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Laugh Out Loud!

I've been 'visiting' over at Polly Boyette's blog, Life Is a Buffet. If you want a good laugh, just trot on over there! She will certainly never disappoint you. Oh, to be a writer like her would be my desire.

The 'Laugh Out Loud' title came from her site. I read her entry 'Clean Up Your Act', and started laughing out loud. I could not help myself. It made me think of a sermon this evangelist once preached in our church, called 'Valley of Decisions'. Now, he wasn't speaking of the decisions we make in cleaning out our garage or closets. But, Polly's rendition of her sister's performance when cleaning out the garage gave this evangelist a run for his money!

If you have not read her book, "Life is a Buffet So Save Room for Dessert", then you have missed a good book! I did a review on it months ago, and could not put the book down until I had it read. It will keep you laughing all through it. I could picture, almost in detail, the funny things she wrote about - very hilarious, and very entertaining!

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Polly said...

You are such a cool lady. Thanks for the kind remarks. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. With bloggers like you I don't need Technorati.com (who I can't get to update my blog no matter how many pings I send them). Anyway, thanks so much for the mention. If you get a chance, check out "How to Lose 100 lbs. in Five Days" posted July 2nd. It seems to be a favorite among the ladies.

Barbara said...

Polly, you and your book is worth all the PR anyone gives you and the book! And, I'm glad to do any I can do! You make me laugh!

Sorry about Technorati not updating your blog. And, I did check out the post, and it was a teaser, but ended up being a great post we all need to read.