Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Great Memories

1. My first date with my future husband. We went to a drag race. And, the funny thing is we were both dressed in the same colors – black slacks, and white shirts.
2. The day we got married at the Courthouse. The judge who married us talked to us just like a marriage counselor or preacher would have before he would marry us.
3. The birth of my son and daughter.
4. The day the basement for our home was dug.
5. The Christmas I was surprised with a diamond ring. My husband and daughter put the ring box in a bigger box, and surrounded it with bricks, making it very heavy. I obviously had no idea what was in it, and was very surprised!
6. The Christmas we gave our son and daughter their Honda 4 Wheeler, when they were young teens. We took a picture of the Honda, put it under the Christmas tree in a box with both their names, and a note laying on top of the picture that read “you will find it in the back of the truck in the basement”. They completely forgot the rest of Christmas, and took off to the basement!
7. When my husband gave me my first microwave. He had taken it to my Mother’s where we always had Christmas together on Christmas Eve and did not put my name on the big package. Big surprise!
8. I gave my husband a wheelbarrow for Christmas at my Mother’s one year. But, the fun was how it got there. I had my brother pick it up. During the night, he went outside, took the wheelbarrow to the front door and knocked on the door. My husband answered it and realized it was for him.
9. My Mother and Daddy’s 50th wedding anniversary in 1986. My Dad died in 1991.
10. Watching my oldest grandson play football, and kicking that winning kick!
11. Watching my granddaughter on her Premier Soccer team kick a field goal.
12. Seeing my 12 yr old grandson out play older boys on his soccer team.
13. Getting my laptop, finally!

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Kimmy said...

Great list! Wonderful memories! You are a blessed woman! (And yes... I consider a laptop a blessing ;)
My 13 are up!

kontan said...

I love your list. My laptop would make a memory list too!

Kailani said...

You are so lucky to have so many wonderful memories! Great list!

Raggedy said...

Beautiful memories!
I loved your list.
My TT is up

kristarella said...

Hah! We are never that ceremonial with presents. I even got my birthday present a few days early one time because it was a hatstand and it was in the hall when I got home with a sticky note on it "Happy Birthday!".
It was cute actually but I like your way as well.

armywife said...

those sound like really great memories. i'm very happy for you.

i've also posted 13 at

Natsthename said...

A WHEELBARROW? There must be a story there...

Loved sharing your memories, and how proud you are of your family! Peace!

Wystful1 said...

#5 was awesome. Not that all of your list isn't, but to surround it with bricks, that just takes a bit of 'smarts'....I would have never thought of that.

Happy Thursday

Carmen said...

Those are really great memories to treasure for a lifetime. :) (except maybe the laptop one. ha)

Minerva Jane said...

# 5 is soooo sweet. Sounds like you've got a great family.
My TT are up, too at

Nicole said...

Those are some great memories. God has really blessed you.

To answer your comment, I really don't know how I quit biting my nails. Once they started to grow out, that encouraged me enough not to. In the beginning, I think I just chewed on pen caps instead. lol

Happy TT!

robin said...

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by. I loved reading your memories. :) And yes, I guess I am in the south (although some call it the midwest). I am from (and live in) Oklahoma. The town I live in is so small we have NO wal-mart AND only one stop light!

Mama Duck said...

So sweet, thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

What precious memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I'm glad you visited my T13. You are welcome any time.

Nancy said...

That is a lot of great memories. christmas is fun in your house.

Have a great day!

Stacy said...

What wonderful memories, I loved reading them - thanks for sharing them with us! My husband has that same "hide whatever it is at all costs" Christmas gene. :)

Have a wonderful day; my T13 is up too...

eph2810 said...

What great memories indeed Barb :). I remember our first date too. My Sweetheart was in the Army than. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. They are still my favorite part of him. I can just get lost in them...
Laptop - yeah! I am still saving up for mine. Using my hubby's right now...
Thank you for stopping by this morning.

Knitting Maniac said...

You have some awesome memories there! Thanks for sharing them.

Lyn said...

Those are great memories. Great thing is that many continue as a reality today.

Missi said...

Those are some great memories. It is always nice to rememeber them and to know you will be making more.

My dad died in 91 too.

Thank you for visiting me today and showing your support, it meant alot!

Great list!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

This is a gerat list - clever idea for a T13.

My grandma has fond memories of her first microwave - it was a Christmas gift, too, and it was in her home for about twenty-five years, then passed to my uncle, who still uses it, and the only thing wrong with it even now is that the light inside doesn't come on while cooking. We have lots of funny conversations about the microwave. :)

And #13 - Lucky, lucky you!

Deb said...

Sounds like you have a very wonderful, loving family :))

Hope you have a very nice weekend!

Southern Girl said...

Aww, what sweet memories!

And you have a great name -- my mom shares it. :)

booklogged said...

what a great idea to record memories for your TT. It's good for the soul to think back on good memories. Thank-you for sharing. And thank-you for visiting my blog.

ivan said...

barbara, thanks for tagging my t13. =)

i love your list. Great memories warm he heart and sometimes, makes you want to relive them all over again....=)