Monday, July 03, 2006

Praying for the Youth of Today

Today's young people are hit with every temptation imaginable. Society has forgotten that there are things that are unsuitable for the young. They are pushed from every side to 'grow up' and 'grow up fast'. And, some of the youth cannot withstand the pressure, and do succumb to these temptations.

Television is no longer as 'easy babysitter' for the young, even for a few minutes unattended. It has become very subtle in things it protrays, so as to make everything seem okay. Many commercials have little innuendos of sex or sex-related items within them. The ads seem to be geared to the young people, in order for them to ask questions. And, ask questions they do! There are things shown on television nowdays that I had no clue as to what it was when I was a teenager. But, now there is hardly anything taboo - nothing too provocative to show on television. The thought is 'they are going to learn about it some day'.

The public school are pressured into teaching 'sex education', but not the sex education classes our older adult children grew up with. They are taught how to have 'safe sex', methods to keep from getting pregnant - things that only parents should be teaching their children. Also, they are being taught tolerance - tolerance for behaviors such as homosexuality that Christian families do not believe is right, according to the Bible. This goes against everything a Christian believes in, and it makes it appear that the parents are in the wrong. After all, Hillary Clinton told us 'it takes a village to raise up a child'.(an old African proverb)

While surfing the blogs today, I ran across Moms In Touch article, "31 Ways To Pray for our Youth" - Character traits and virtues. These are complete with scripture references. With our youth under so much pressure to conform to the world's ways to be popular, and through peer pressure, we need to do everything in our power to keep them safe from all harm until they are ready to face these issues as an adult. And, prayer seems to be the best way possible. A healthy spiritual life will keep most young people from succumbing to the pressures that might ruin their lives forever.

What are your thoughts? Is society putting too much pressure on our youth,too many temptations? Is prayer the key to a healthy lifestyle for a teenager?

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