Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ward Churchill becomes a canker for U of Colorado

Canker sores can be very painful. There are numerous treatments for these sores of the mouth, which are sometimes called ulcers. You can apply pain-relieving compounds, mouth washes, and salt water rinses. But, sometimes it takes cauterizing the canker sore in order to speed healing. But, you have to be careful to apply only to the canker sore itself, and not damage the surrounding healthy tissue as well as the lips and gums.

To me, Ward Churchill is like that canker sore in the mouth, only he is a canker of the University of Colorado. He does every professor there an injustice!

CU's Interim Chancellor announced plans to fire (i.e., cauterize) Churchill on multiple grounds of serious research misconduct only a few days before Churchill gave a speech at Baltimore's Mid-Atlantic Radical Book Fair.

For the first half hour, Churchill attacked CU's Investigative report on his academic misconduct, downplaying the findings as merely "a matter of a few footnotes." Next, Churchill switched subject matter and commentary, which included:

Churchill threw lots of punches, including frequent Nazi references, and comparing others to the Nazis. He also "compared CU Boulder to German university models from the WWII Nazi era." But, the worse was when he made a joke concerning the 9/11 passengers on the hijacked planes.

"You do remember, the incident which the terrorists overpowered the stewardess on the aircraft and tweezed her eyebrows with his tweezers, until she screamingly submitted to fly the plane into a building remember that one?" Joked Churchill. "Tweezers… tweezed into submission."

Hopefully, this joker of a professor will be terminated and CU's canker sore will be healed! To me, he showed his true colors, when he started joking about the death of these people.

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