Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Joy of living in the country

This deer was outside this morning, under our tame crab apple tree. The tree is near the corner of our house at the back, outside our master bedroom window. I actually took the pictures out the window. Each time I clicked the camera, he moved. These are cut from the actual larger pictures.


Henry Haney said...

Beautiful picture! I recently moved from an urban area to a quite rural area- I haven't seen any deer on my property yet, but I love living in the country- my wife was raised on a farm and she's in "hog heaven" at our new place.

Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Henry. I had several more I wanted to upload, but couldn't figure out what I needed to do to get them on the same post. :)

Hope you soon see some deer, maybe wild turkeys. We have them, too. Seems deer are taking over the country now. We see them killed around here all the time. We've seen as many as 6 at a time in our yard, but didn't get a picture. I want the big bucks with horns to come back so I can get their picture.