Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Do Unto Others....

As you would have them do unto you." This has played in my mind over and over this afternoon, after listening to how a friend is being treated by an insurance company, after her house was flooded and almost totally ruined, due to faulty plumbing done by a worker!

Scripture says for us to 'love one another as he has loved us', and in John 1:5, He says it's not a new commandment, but has been from the beginning. I cannot understand how someone, who claims to be a Christian, can treat his fellow Christians, or anyone else, for that matter, the way this friend is being treated.

My friend has been told she's going to have to live with wet walls and ruined cabinets: "let them dry out and they'll be harder than ever". Well, what do you do with walls, sheetrock, paneling, cabinets, floors, carpet, etc, that has been sitting in water for days, when the mold starts? And, according to the contractor, the work won't be able to be done until possibly November, unless God moves mountains of work he has to do first. The contractor is on her side, but not the insurance agent or adjuster.

Seems some companies are out for 'self'. As I told my friend, the money is better in their pocket than the handful of customers that will possibly stop using them in the long run. Companies have become so greedy (or should I say the corporate heads?) - just look at the Enron scandal. So many people were hurt, and most will never recover, because they are too old to build back what they have lost - a retirement or pension fund, or life savings.

I do believe people who mistreat others in deeds will be punished down the line. But, what happens to the average 'Joe/Jane' who gets the worst of the deal, in the long run?

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