Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 PET PEEVES of Mine

1. A car that goes around me, just to slow down and turn right!
2. Someone breaking a promise
3. Being late for anything!
4. Finding I’ve been charged too much on a purchase, after I’ve left the store
5. Seeing an elderly person being mis-treated, or talked down to
6. Someone mis-treating or talking bad about my children or grandchildren
7. Finding an empty tea jug in the refrigerator
8. A store having an item on sale, only to find, when I get there, they do not have that item
9. Having the electricity to blink while I’m writing a post, and I lose everything I’ve written
10. Getting telephone calls and nobody says anything when you answer
11. Getting a phone call just as you sit down to eat a meal
12. Being around someone who thinks they know it all, and treat you like you are dumb!
13. Thinking of something I should have said, ‘after the fact’!

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Ardice said...

I agree with all your pet peeves. My biggest one is the phone ringing. My Mom bought me a phone last christmas with a "do not disturb" button on it and I use it a lot. I can't hear the ringing or the answering machine.

My list is up. Have a wonderful Thursday. Take-Care...

Christine said...

Asking for rainchecks at a store, just gets me. If an item is advertised they should have it in stock.
I agree with your list 100%!
Have a great Thursday!

Ageless said...

Pet trucks that sit in reverse with that awful BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, even though they have no intention of backing up.

Crayonsetc said...

Oh, I can so relate to a bunch of those!!!

Happy TT!!

Juggling Mother said...

oh yes, those ARE annoying. especially losing a whole post LOL thats happened to me so many times, but I still dont save as I'm writing!

my TT is up

Chanda said...

i LOVE reading Pet Peeves!! Thank you!

Happy TT!

Wystful1 said...

This list could be mine. I especially had to agree with your number one. Why is that, that the drivers do it? I'll never know!!!

Raggedy said...

I don't get the empty jug and box thing. My children do that. A box with one cracker, empty milk cartons, empty cereal boxes..Why do they do that?
My TT is up

armywife said...

i think that list could be mine too. similar to your empty tea, at work we always have a ton of diet coke and bottled water but not all of them will fit into the community fridge and you would think that whoever took the last one out would toss so more in there to start getting cold. but inevitably, i end up restocking them all and drinking room temperature beverages. sigh.

i've also posted 13 at

Trinity13 said...

Great list...I have problems with all those as well. But I esp hate #1! There is nothing more annoying!!!

Carmen said...

i hate to be late, myself, but find it happening more often now!

K T Cat said...

#9 is just brutal!

Mama Duck said...

Ah, I agree with that list. You need a battery backup for your computer!

PixiePincessMom said...

I am so right there with you on your list. Nothing worse than typing a good post to have your electricity blink & *poof* it's gone. Great list!

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a terrific Thursday! :-)

Barbara said...

Ageless, I didn't even give that pet peeve a thought. Yes, it is annoying! My husband has a big truck, and when he's in the driveway, I can hear the beep, beep, when he backs up. IT did use to annoy me for awhile, but now I've gotten used to his. But, still don't want to be near one in town, since you never know what they will do.

Barbara said...

I think kids/adults don't want to have the responsiblity of filling up the jug in the refrigerator. But, the empty boxes are something else. They probably don't want you to know they ate the last.

I have 2 of my grandsons with me during the week, for the summer (Mom can't leave them home together). And, they'll eat the last of a pack of candy - leave the whole thing in the cabinet. They will eat the last popsicle, and leave the box in the freezer! I was surprised that the 12 yr old actually threw out the emptied ice cream box!

Ridzuan said...

Oh #12 is something i share...I simply hate when i'm advising someone who's trying out a project for the first time(when i have experience in it) and they get all smart with me...

Guru said...

I probably come pretty close to being annoying number 12 sometimes, but usually only if the person really is dumb :-P !

GreekGoddess said...

most of them are in my pet peeves list as well. and one more.. going at a store.. seeing an item that say in on sale and when you get to the register finding out that it was a DIFFERENT item on sale and the one you got was probably left by mistake there.

Stacy said...

All of those would qualify as pet peeves in my book too... and so does the fact that Blogger has bumped me out of your comment section twice now. Argh, blogger!

Oh, and finding an empty anything (milk jug, tea jug, jar of mayo, etc) in the refrigerator irks me! Just leave it out where I can see that we're out, wouldcha? :)

Have a great day, mine is up too...

gail said...

All good ones, #1 especially bothers me! My family would put milk jugs back in the fridge, empty...I don't get it!
Thanks for stopping by.

Lazy Daisy said...

All good ones. I hate someone leaving an empty roll of toliet paper in the bathroom.

Lyn said...

Or when the car swerves left to turn right! Yi yi yi! Thanks for the link and plug for my T13 at FBO - Bible Misquotes Edition. :-)

Barbara said...

Lazy Daisy, I forgot the toilet tissue issue - turning it under rather than over to roll! I have to change it, when that happens!

Lyn, you are welcome. Your pet peeve is good, too. I hate when a truck or car thinks they have to swerve ANY way out of a lane in order to turn. Now, I can understand 18 wheelers, but, even some of them make mistakes!

swilder said...

I so agree with your list! Pet peeves is an ideal TT!

Jenelle said...

I also agree with your pet peeves. I hate all those things! Great T13 list. Thanks for stopping by mine. :)

Ruth said...

I hate it when #'s 10, 11 and 12 especially. Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Dane Bramage said...

Great list. My list of pet peeves has many of your items in common.

Lady Jane said...

I agree! I was working on my T13 earlier and the page just went away. It was such a pain to do it again!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

An empty tea jug would be frustrating!

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!