Tuesday, July 04, 2006

President Bush speaks at Fort Bragg, NC on Independence Day

President Bush thanked the servicemen and women and their families for their sacrifices during the war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. He urged Americans to support the troops who are fighting for our freedom on Independence Day. As a result of the fighting in Iraq, the death toll reached 2,000 last week, and the insurgency to drive out American troops continues. Military deaths since the onset of the war in March of 2003 has reached 2,530, as of June 30.

``I've come to thank you for your valor and to thank you for your patriotism,'' Bush told more than 3,000 troops and their families at an outdoor speech. He said their dedication is helping win the war on terror. ``Because of your courage, every day is Independence Day.''

The President said he would not set a timetable to bring the troops home. He says setting a timetable would just tell the terrorists to 'wait a little longer', and America would give up.
Fort Bragg has 5,688 soldiers deployed worldwide to fight the global war on terror, most in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Deputy Public Affairs Officer Tom McCollum.

Earlier, Bush visited units from Army Special Operations forces, including Green Berets and a psychological operations team.

Bush met the helicopter pilot who flew Saddam Hussein from the spider hole he was hiding in to the U.S. air base in Baghdad. Bush thanked the forces and viewed their weapons and equipment.
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