Monday, July 03, 2006

Forget the laws...Cindy Sheehan has a right....

After 'Sheenan and crew' made their 'ditch efforts' to get noticed by the President last August, bans have been put on parts of 14 roads in that area. The neighbors got tired of not being able to freely move up the roads to their homes. I would personally get annoyed, too, if a crew of people started sitting up 'home' in the fields and ditches near my home, making it impossible to have a quiet life around here. That's why you live in the country!

Well, now Cindy Sheehan and 4 others have filed a lawsuit last Friday, challenging the courts' right to put a ban on roadside parking and camping near President Bush's ranch.

The suit, filed in state district court, was filed against McLennan County, the sheriff and county commissioners.

Now, this 'peace Mom' is sanctioning the deserting of our American military. A group of young men who had already served in Iraq, and now have fled to Canada, publically embraced their new lives in Canada. Sheehan was there to wish them well and 'wish my son was there because he never wanted to go.'

From Sweetness and Light:
Sheehan asked the federal government at a press conference in Ottawa Thursday to create a provision allowing military deserters to flee to Canada so they don’t need to apply for refugee status on an individual basis.

Sweetness and Light says that Sheehan is breaking the law, when she encourages military desertion. You can read the laws on Sweetness and Light site.

Here is what a Marine Dad had to say in a letter to Larry Elder back in September 2005:
My understanding is that Mrs. Sheehan's son volunteered three times, including the mission that finally took his life. My son didn't volunteer for the mission that took his life. Her son was killed in the line of duty and should receive all honors that go with that sacrifice. My son was killed (28 Jan 05) protecting the Iraqi people during the preparation leading up to the elections in Iraq. My son died four days shy of his 21st birthday, and he was killed by friendly fire.

The dad went on to say in this letter that he supported the President in his decision, and he still does. But, he cries out in anger, rage, and disappointment and frustration, everytime he sees Sheehan, for the "dishonour she has levied on those that have fallen".

Not only is Sheehan breaking the law, according to Sweetness and Light's post, she is also lying about her son. Remember this quote from Cindy?

"He just wanted to go over to fight for his country, and serve his country," said Sheehan’s mother Cindy Sheehan

Sister Carly Sheehan said… "He would stay up at night worrying about the world. From the time he was little, my mom would find him awake at night. He couldn’t sleep because he was too worried about the world.

He just wanted to take care of the world, and he gave his life for it."

Now, she's saying he did not want to go. Cindy, you can't have it both ways.

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Laura Linger said...

You are a disgrace.

Seriously, you have the audacity to use the words of the Holy Gospel in the title banner of this blog, but you besmirch the good name of a woman who lost her only son in Iraq?

What have YOU done for the cause of peace, lady? Or does your Jesus Christ advocate violence and hatred?

How about The Ten Commandments? Did God mean only "biological mother and father" when He ordered us to honor mothers and fathers?

How can you shamelessly spout all of this hate and do so in the The Most Holy Name of Our Lord? How on earth can you live with yourself by bringing up that Casey Sheehan died as a VOLUNTEER on his mission? Shouldn't you be OUTRAGED about his death, instead of RAPING his poor mother with his memory?

You're disgusting, you are an insult to the name American, you are a closed-minded hatemonger bigot who isn't worthy to carry Cindy Sheehan's photograph of her dead son. That woman has done more for the cause of peace and for the goodwill of the planet than you ever would or could. And to think, you hate in the name of Jesus Christ. It's sickening.

You do NOT support our troops. My brother is headed over to Iraq for his second tour of a volunteer. Tell me, honey...if he doesn't make it back alive, will you be available to tell his two children that they are fools to grieve him, seeing how he VOLUNTEERED and all? Tell me, will you look his daughter and son in their tearstained faces and tell them that they have no right to be angry with the military deserter who sent their Daddy to his death?

You brag about your children and grandchildren...I don't see anything about your kids or grandkids putting their asses on the line over in Iraq, fighting your beloved crackhead's war. It's easy to pass judgment, isn't it, when you can observe from the comfort of your white, middle-class, Bible-thumping home? What's not so easy for your observers is to watch you delude yourself into thinking you are serving the Lord with your HATE.

I am reposting your blog entry about Ms. Sheehan to my blog. If you don't like it, call your lawyer. I'll have the ACLU on your ass so fast, you won't have time for one Hail Mary.

Barbara said...

Laura, was you afraid to post the link to your blog here for everyone to see?

Barbara said...

Laura, thank you for your 'kind words'. Are you a Christian? You have done more than your share of blasting me, with your sanctimonous attitude, so I was wondering where the 'love of God' is in you, and how the Holy Spirit is working in you.

Don't sit and call me a bigot or anything else. My husband happened to serve in the Vietnam War. I personally know what fear is all about! AND, the Vietnam vets were treated like DIRT, when they returned home, unlike the vets today.

Personally, I've said nothing or did nothing to Cindy Sheehan. I only posted what others have said on their blogs or newspapers (IF you check the quotes and just what I said). Cindy is free to do whatever she likes; we have the right to disagree with her.

Don't talk about my grandchildren or children. My son is too old to go to war (there is an age limit, you know), and my grandsons aren't old enough. I have no idea what they will do, when they grow up.

I also take what you've said as a threat. BUT, I've not said or done one thing to Cindy Sheehan. Whatever people have said, she's brought on her own self. I don't hate the woman;I feel sorry for her. I can't imagine what it feels like to lose a son.

And, the main reason for the post was about her sanctioning the deserting of our troops to Canada. And, I knew nothing about that until I read it in the news, and saw her picture with them.

Laura Linger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Laura Linger said...

If you follow the link in my name, it will take you to my profile, and the address of my blog is right there.

I was raised a Catholic. I was a practicing Catholic for 34 years. On a trip to Japan last year, I became acquainted with Buddhism and fell in love with its true commitment to the things that Christians claim to be all about: love for your fellow man, a belief that every single one of us is precious and that life is sacred, that war is the tactic of the foolish, and that the best gift that we can give the world is peace. And peace MUST begin with each and every one of us individually.

Sorry...hearing the war cries of so-called Christians and listening to people invoke hatred in the name of Jesus Christ is too much for me to stomach. I know my Scripture. According to my Bible, the "Christianity" that you spread is so far from the teachings of Christ, it is not remotely even funny.

I will invoke the names of your children and grandchildren. You had no trouble invoking the name of Cindy Sheehan's dead son. In doing so, you insulted every single one of us who have loved ones who have either fought or are fighting currently over in Iraq. It is my only most fervent hope...that this mess that the Current Occupant created is over before your grandkids are of draft age. I would never want to see those innocent children die for a 2500 of our brave soldiers already have.

I'm a Buddhist, I'm a liberal, I'm a Democrat, I'm a foe of ignorance and intolerance...and I am damn proud to be all of those things. There was a time that I might have still called myself "Christian." It's my heritage, after all. Want the reason, in a nutshell, as to why I am no longer a Christian? Go take a long hard look in the mirror.

Barbara said...

Your first link does not give your URL. Otherwise, I'd have found you without having to google search, which I did and found lots of interesting things, even comments from other blogs you had made.

You say 'I know my scripture'. Catholics (Christians) do not believe in reincarnation. How did you satisfy in your mind that Buddhism was correct in that respect?

Laura, I don't understand your cause here. I didn't 'invoke' Cindy's son's name - she has used his name for her cause. There are thousands of Moms who have lost sons and daughters, but they haven't taken to the streets to condemn President Bush or America for the war - they support it.

As far as my grandchildren ever going to war, it will be only if they sign up - which, by the way, is what Casey did - he wasn't drafted. There hasn't been a draft in many years,and there won't ever be again. Men AND women are signing up, even during the war. My granddaughter has a friend who is leaving for the Marines July 15th. There is no lack of young people who still want to make a difference, even in war time.

If you looked me in the face, you would never say the things you've said here online. Because you'd realize I don't hate anyone, not even Cindy Sheehan. I just feel she's done her son a great injustice. It's okay for her to voice her opinion about the war; after all, everyone has their opinion. But, she's gone to other countries and embraced people such as dictator Hugo Chavez, who is very anti-American!

But, you can believe what you want about me, Laura, since you'll never meet me. I'm sorry you feel the way you do about Christianity. God is a loving God - and so are most Christians. But, we aren't supposed to be doormats and let any and everyone run over us,or put up with the trash they send our way.