Tuesday, June 06, 2006

he talk like a white boy
Author - Joseph C. Phillips

‘He talk like a white boy’ was given to me by Running Press, through Active Christian Media, for a book review. This is one of the best and most interesting books I have read during my time of reviewing. And, it has been the hardest book of which to write a review.

The statement ‘he talk like a white boy’, the young girl made in his classroom that day stayed with me throughout the entire book. I was aquainted with him as an actor on The Cosby Show many years ago. We still watch reruns of that show to this day! And, I never saw him as ‘different’, although others did. He seemed to have been a very well-adjusted young man, well-spoken, and he has proven he is capable of doing most anything he sets his mind and heart to do. And, there, I think is where he makes his point about life and living.

He considers himself a conservative republican, and has had to take flack from those who think he should have been ‘more black’ than he is. I am sure this was their way of letting him know he was getting a little 'too white' in his talk, thinking, and ways of doing things to be 'one of them'. But, Phillips rose above all that, thanks to his upbringing by his parents. He chose the path to success, a better way of life, not blaming others if he failed – the way he thinks other blacks have chosen to blame others for their failures,, and think people or the government owes them anything. I am white, and I have the same beliefs, but for whites, who use every excuse to get a dollar from government – even able-bodied people who are too lazy to get off their duffs and do a job, even if it meant menial work. Nobody starts on the top at any job, though many think they deserve to do just that! And, I believe it is wrong of anyone to think the world owes them a living, no matter what their color, if they are not willing to try and help themselves!

I put so many bookmarks in this book and thought I would reflect back on portions to help me do a review. But, when I finished reading today, I was no closer to being able to use the excerpts than when I first started. The author has lived a life I have never lived, heard things that most of us will never hear; yet, he has risen above all the barriers to become a success on many different levels. He is an actor, columnist, author, husband, father, and above all, he says he is a Christian. Undoubtedly, his faith has sustained him when nothing else could.

Phillips and his wife have chosen to enrich the lives of their children by being honest and forthright with them, sharing with them things that has happened down the years in the lives of blacks, but not making that a way of life. He believes that “personal responsibility will do more for the black and the poor than treating us as physically handicapped people.” He understands his children did not invent this world we all live in, but they have to live in it as citizens of America. He says, “Life is best seen through the prism of love, togetherness, and devotion. And, I believe he and his wife will undoubtedly bring up some happy, well-adjusted children that might some day again hear ‘he talk like a white boy’. But, speaking correctly and rising above the expectations of others should never be considered ‘white only’. It belongs to anyone for the taking! And, Joseph Phillips is a great example!

I highly recommend this book. For me, it was not a fast read, but also hard to put down. And, I do not believe anyone will be disappointed when they buy and read this book!

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