Sunday, June 25, 2006

Are Americans Too Friendly to be believed?

Reading Byrd Droppings 'More Flies With Honey', she suggested we read all about this over at Betsy's Page, which I could not turn down. I have always been taught that you can get more flies with honey than you can vinegar.

Seems Betsy came upon an article where an English journalist is in America. And, he cannot believe how friendly everyone is. In fact, when reading the column he wrote, '
Supposing....Americans are the nicest people on earth', I envisioned this smirky little guy, making fun of us Americans.

It seemed to me that even small talk was offensive to Charlie Brooker, when the people were nice. After all, he was not used to people offering to help him, without requiring anything. But, when they did, he was assured in his own mind that all they were after was a tip. So, he wasn't about to call the guy, who worked for the hotel where he was staying, in order to get the television fixed.

Now it's getting late. I'm in my room, typing this. There's a problem with the TV. But I don't call reception and ask them to send Frank up. We've already built a rapport in the corridor. Now he's my buddy, I'd feel uncomfortable expecting him to do chores for me. So I don't call him. He doesn't fix the TV. He doesn't get the tip. Spin on THAT,Frank!

I, for one, think this guy is stuck on himself, or he is a cheapskate! Or, perhaps he doesn't know how to handle friendliness! I know all British people aren't that way, since I've been friends with one for about 15 years!

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