Friday, June 23, 2006

Attention, all Chocoholics!

Everyone loves chocolate, even me! But, I am not addicted as many people are.

Well, there has been a blow to chocolate bars, namely Cadbury. Cadbury has kept silent for six months upon finding salmonella in their chocolate bars. A spokesman for the Health Protection Agency said they should have been told immediately, since you never expect to find salmonella in chocolate bars.

There is an investigation going on as to just how salmonella ended up in the chocolate bars and why they weren't alerted immediately.

Cadbury’s denied yesterday that there had been a cover-up. A spokeswoman insisted that the recall was a precautionary measure because some chocolate might contain minute traces of salmonella and that there “was no risk to human health”.

A separate investigation has been started into a possible link between contaminated bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate and cases of food poisoning in babies and toddlers since March.

Cadbury recalled a million chocolate bars yesterday. They admitted the candy could have been contaminated with salmonella as long as back in January. But, they say that they were under no obligation to notify the agency, since the salmonella was in such small quantities, and there was only a small risk to humans. But, salmonella can be deadly. Looks like a case of waiting too long to report something that could have been very serious in nature. Now, it may hurt Cadbury's business.

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