Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What was all this about?

Putin Kisses Young Boy On The Stomach.

Russian President Vladimir Putin astonished a young boy when he stopped by during a walk through the Kremlin. Despite the current political pressures about Iran and the G8 summit scheduled to hold in Russia in two weeks, Putin still found it necessary exchange a word with the little boy before lifting his shirt to kiss him on the stomach.

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Anonymous said...


Message on this Moscow Times link:

Neil said...

Barbara, I have appreciated your comments on my blog and enjoy reading yours. As for Putnin kissing this boys belly, I saw it as an act of kindness, a far cry from what most people view this man as. If it had been our president, someone would have been pressing charges against him!



Barbara said...

Neil, it probably was his way of wishing him well, or something. Every country has their ways. But, you are right; had it been our President, he'd probably already be sued! This is a 'sue-happy' world we are living in!