Thursday, June 08, 2006

Persecution of Indonesia's Christians on the rise

Ann Buwalda, director of the Jubilee Campaign in Virginia, says that persecution of Christians is on the rise in Indonesia. And, it’s a real concern.

Jubilee Campaign says that rapid growth of Christians in Indonesia has caused Muslims to claim Christianity must be resisted with force. Only one can guess what kind of force they mean!

Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims. The U.S. Department’s report on international religious freedoms say that Indonesia’s government is among the nations that have enacted discriminatory legislation or policies prejudicial to certain religions.

A bill proposed by lawmakers in the Province of Aceh would impose Sharia law on all non-Muslims, and Buwalda notes that other legislation recently passed by the Indonesian government could be restrictive to Christians. She says government officials in Indonesia have not stood behind the state's promises of greater freedom for its religious minorities.
Buwalda says Jubilee Campaign is asking Christians in America "to write their congressmen and their senators and encourage efforts to protect the Christian minorities."

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