Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Billions feared stolen from hurricane relief

Millions of dollars have been paid by the government in bogus payments to supposed 'hurricane victims'. The money has gone for such things as football tickets, vacations, and a divorce lawyer.

Congressional investigators have found that prisoners, a supposed victim who used a cemetery for a home address and a person who spent 70 days at a Hawaiian hotel all were able to wrongly get taxpayer help.

It is believed that 16% of the money spent in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita was unwarranted. Testimony will be given today at the hearings of the House of Representatives Homeland Security subcommittee on investigations.

An undercover agent was given money, even after being found he did not live at the address he had provided. There have been all kinds of misuse of the money, including paying people twice, both for being housed in a hotel while being given money for rental assistance. And, on top of that, FEMA cannot establish that 750 debit cards actually went to the Katrina victims.

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