Monday, June 19, 2006

City takes illegal immigration problem into their own hands

Hazelton, PA has decided it is time to stop illegal immigration into their small town. So, they've decided to revoke the license of any business hiring an illegal and also fine a property owner $1,000 for renting to any illegal immigrant.

The mayor says they are destroying his city. When he took office in 2000, the hispanics represented only 5% of their city's population. Now, they are up to 30%. He says they are lured there by jobs and low rent. But, crime has risen in this small town.

City officials do not know how many of the new arrivals are in the United States illegally, but say they are fueling the drug trade, joining gangs and committing other crimes.

Municipal officials around the nation, frustrated at what they perceive as the federal government's inability to stem illegal immigration, have increasingly taken matters into their own hands.

The cities who are adopting this method are having to pick up the tab for all this. But, they are willing to do whatever it takes to clean up their cities. Seems the government is slowing down rather than going forward in doing something about the illegal traffic coming into our country.

Some Hispanics approve of the measure, saying they are fed up with crime and graffiti. "If I was mayor, I wouldn't let anyone in who had a criminal record," said Rafael Rovira, 69, a naturalized American citizen from the Dominican Republic.

But, then there others, such as Jose Lecuga, who came to the United States illegally in 1982, and received amnesty in 1986, who thinks the Mayor is confusing illegal people with criminals. I think this guy is confusing illegal with legal. He got his amnesty, even though he was illegal, and perhaps has told many people from his country - "Come on over here. There are jobs, and plenty of cheap housing. And, it's cheap living here." Otherwise, how do these people find these particular little towns in America, so far from the borders?

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Carol said...

It's ridiculous that we have done nothing to stop this.

Barbara said...

I read somewhere today that Congress had cut out the $$$$$ that were going to the border problem! So, I wonder what they really are going to do. :(

Like this little town, AMERICA is going to be going down that same path, if they don't do something soon.

Louanne P said...

I live in Orange County, CA. If my county/city/state had done this at the beginning of the illegal invasion, it would be a healthier place for our children.
I don't think the mayer is confusing illegal for criminal. If you are here illegally, you are a breaking the law and you are a criminal. To become a legal citizen takes hard work, so all these hard working folks can go home, and do the work to come legally to a place that should consist of law abiding CITIZENS.

Barbara said...

Louanne, you are right. Break the law and that makes you a criminal. We have millions in the US who are breaking the law. If it were citizens, then we would be prosecuted. But, they are given free reign most of the time, and they 'benefit' from being illegal! Our own citizens don't get the breaks they do, i.e. medical, hospital, and evasion of taxes!