Friday, June 23, 2006

Thank you, Tony Snow!

I have been waiting for years to hear someone put Helen Thomas, the pestering news lady, in her place! I think it's time she retired. Perhaps she will, since we now have Tony Snow at the White House, conducting the news conferences!

Today, he asked her to stop pestering him while he was trying to explain the administration’s position on the surveillance of terrorist finances to the White House press corps. He got tired of her same old 'Helen Thomas' ways, and asked her to be quiet. Good for you, Tony! I knew you were up to the job!

See transcript between Snow and Thomas at The Raw Story.

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Kevin Geary said...

Tonys not up to the job. He's a f*ck up like the rest of BushCo.

Why do you defend these people? You don't believe in true democracy. Bush and his cronies are f*cking up America and you people sit there and cheerlead them on.

Barbara said...

Kevin, you are entitled to your opinion. We just happen to disagree.