Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Coffee, Tea, and me!

I love to drink! Yes, you heard it right; I love to drink - coffee and tea, that is! I don't drink as much coffee as I once did, though, since it sometimes makes my heart race. But, it has never kept me awake as some claim it does for them.

But, my main drink is tea - decaffeinated always, unless I am in a restaurant or some place I can't get it. We got in the habit of drinking decaffeinated years ago, when our children were home. And, we've kept to that habit. I even had my granddaughter to ask about our tea awhile back. She loves it and wanted Mom to buy her the same kind of tea. Well, mine is also cheaper than what her Mom was buying.

I had an English grandmother who thought tea was the only drink there was. She, in fact, was the one that inspired me to 'drink' - tea, that is! I never saw a coffee pot in their home, since Papa and Granny both drank tea - hot tea! I can still see them sitting at the table, pouring that hot tea into the saucer, and then sipping it. That was their custom. I never got the hang of drinking from the saucer. I love the cup.

In my home, if you don't have a gallon of tea in the refrigerator, you better have a teapot with some brewed, getting cool, so you can put it in the refrigerator. My husband thinks I should always be sure we have tea ready. In fact, I came home from an entire day out a week or so ago, only for him to say, 'you didn't make any tea'. Hey, he had beat me home 3 hours, and he can't make a pot of tea? :) Well, I eventually did the honors!

At my web site, I also have a tea page, called, 'The English in Me, Tea!' Why not stop by and check it out. There are lots of links to some great teas. And, you will also find some good recipes.

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Susanna said...

I hardly ever see iced tea here in the UK. It is hot tea all the way!

Barbara said...

Susanna, I had a friend, wife of a Sgt in the AF when my husband was in there, who was from England. Hot tea is all she ever drank! We were stationed in IN for awhile, and I got to drinking it all the time with her.

Anonymous said...

Drinking out of a saucer-I don't think I would be able to get the hang of it either!



Barbara said...

It was just their custom to use the saucer, probably because the tea was so hot.