Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vietnamese Mother of Three Arrested for following God

Three weeks ago, three young boys, ages 11, 8, and 5, were abandoned when the Vietnamese police arrested their mother and her mother-in-law for refusing to join the Communist church headed by Siu Kim. Rahlan H'Riem, mother of the boys, says that the church worships Ho Chi Minh.

Rahlan has been summoned and interrogated six times in the past year by Vietnamese police from Krong Pa district in Tran The Chanh. She was told she must worship in the church of Siu Kim, or she will be put in prison. She was summoned in May to explain her faith, and she refused, so she was arrested. Apparently, she chose not to deny Christ, for this, she must suffer. Her husband had fled to the United States to try and attempt to resettle his family, who had been been persecuted.

Christian believers say they have not seen a picture of Jesus, Mary, or the cross in the church. And, they are unable to put a cross on a grave. They are told to put on flowers, and anyone putting on a cross will be arrested.

There are at least 350 other prisoners, and the international community is urged to intervene for all of these believers. The Vietnamese police have denied any wrongdoings. But, they have accused the prisoners of 'following Western religion' and supporting the U.S. during the Vietnam war, rights groups say.

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