Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1,958 Evangelical Christians arrested in one year

The China Aid Association, which lobbies for religious freedom in China, released this information yesterday. They also published a detail report on anti-Christian persecution carried on by authorities in 15 provinces in China.

The report said: “Hardest hit by persecution are meetings of Christian pastors and teachers, viewed with particular hostility by the government whose aim is to control the indoctrination of new generations. There is endless proof of ill treatment and torture suffered by community leaders at the hands of police officers and religious affairs cadres."

Henan was the mostly badly hit province. They arrested 823 Christians in 11 raids. Also, 5 Americans were arrested during this 12 month period.Two women were made strip and interrogated. And, a disabled pastor had his ribs broken.

There are 10 million protestants in China that meet in 'house churches'. The Chinese are afraid that these believers will corrupt future generations.

The report said: “Local Chinese authorities have continually repressed religious activities that they determine to be outside the scope of the state-controlled religious system. Their decisions are often arbitrarily made in a manner inconsistent with the right to freedom of religion.”

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