Saturday, June 24, 2006

My first year of blogging

Today is the one year mark of my blog. And, I have to admit I am addicted! Friends say I’ve found my nitche, although I’ve had a web site for 10 years!

My first post was that of a death in my husband’s family of his oldest sister. Also, during June of last year, we were all blogging about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. But, my last post of the year yesterday was Thank you, Tony Snow – one I’ve been waiting to write. Finally someone put Helen Thomas in her place. For this, I say KUDOS, Tony!

Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed writing this past year:

Politics, Religion and Ann Coulter
– And, everyone is still writing About Ann Coulter!

What Constitutes A Happy Marriage considering my husband and I will be married 42 years on July 6.

Let us Pray
Endangered Species
I Love My Country
Christ, Christmas, and the Constitution
I Wouldn’t Change
– Book Review – Brokeness by Lon Solomon
Spotlight on Good teens
Old Age Is Coming To All of Us
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Not All Is Equal In Our Land of Freedom
Society Vs. God – In The Lives Of Women
We Are God’s Workmanship

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Blue Star Chronicles

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beth said...

Congratulations on one year blogging!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Beth. It's been fun!

deb said...

Barbara, I didn't make it over here over the weekend and just saw your post today about your 1-yr anniversary. Congratulations! And I think it was a neat idea listing the posts you enjoyed writing because I'm sure I missed most of those. I'll go back and check them out...esp the "getting old" one. LOL :)

Keep on blogging!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Deb. I really enjoy blogging! As my friend said, it is my 'niche'!
As for growing old, I try not to think about it. I like the quote - not growing old - just better! A lady at church Sunday night (a visitor and sister of our Music minister) wanted to know how old I was. She said I didn't look over 40 - man, I could have hugged her HARD! I do think I look a little older than that - but hey, I loved her for the comment! I'll take every day I can get!