Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What Constitutes a Happy Marriage?

What better topic to talk about today, of all days!

'Til death do us part' sounded awfully good to me, the day we married. In fact, both my husband and I had decided there would never be a divorce in our house. Oh, there might have been thoughts of it - (smiling) - have you ever tried to actually build a house together? We have, and if there ever was a time for divorce, it would have been there. But, we worked all the problems out without even a fuss!

My parents lived together for almost 55 years before my Dad's death. My husband's parents lived together for 67 years before his Mom's death. I think we both had great patterns set before us: how could we lose? But, even with these patterns, it takes determination on the spouse's part in order to stay together forever.

Mother always said, 'Never go to bed mad at the other person'. Good words to live by! There has to be great communication, or you have no meaningful relationship.

There are some great bible truths in 'How To Have A Happy Marriage'. This includes effective communication, and a commitment to your marriage. Also, Female First lists 5 things that constitute a happy marriage, including, communication, idealism, romance, thankful heart, and a fresh vision of your marriage.

I believe communication is number one on the list, then a commitment to that marriage. But, I am thankful to God each and every day for a mate who has been willing to stick with me, although we don't see 'eye to eye' on everything, have occasional disagreements, and I'm not the 'girl' he married 41 years ago. But, then, he's not the 'guy' I married back then, either. Thank God for blindness in marriage, as we grow older. We still see each other as the teenage heart throb that we viewed each other way back then. Now, that is LOVE!