Sunday, July 03, 2005

Honor Our Troops On Independence Day

Tomorrow, millions of Americans, across the 50 states, will be celebrating Independence Day (4th of July) in some way. Many will be barbecuing with their families. Most will be either setting off fireworks, or possibly viewing fireworks by professionals.

Our planned day will be to stay at home by ourselves. Then, later, we are treating ourselves to a barbecue plate at Jim and Nick's, our favorite barbecue restaurant. That way, we will have great food to enjoy, and no mess to clean up afterwards!

While we are having our holiday barbecue, the President has asked that we honor the troops who are serving in the military, especially those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are families that have lost loved ones overseas and this will be a sad day for them. Do remember all those families in your prayers, as you go through the day.

Enjoy this poem called 'Independence Day'.